Species - Butterflies & Moths

This page is very much a work in progress. I haven't really started learning butterflies & moths yet. Consider this more of a placeholder for the moment. All photos were taken in metro Atlanta.

Swallowtails (Family Papilionidae)

Whites and Sulphurs (Family Pieridae)

Whites (Subfamily Pierinae)

Sulphurs (Subfamily Coliadinae)

Gossamer-wing Butterflies (Family Lycaenidae)

Blues (Subfamily Polyommatinae)

Brush-footed Butterflies (Family Nymphalidae)

Heliconians and Fritillaries (Subfamily Heliconiinae)

True Brush-foots (Subfamily Nymphalinae)

Admirals and Relatives (Subfamily Limenitidinae)

Emperors (Subfamily Apaturinae)

Monarchs (Subfamily Danainae)

Skippers (Family Hesperiidae)

Spread-wing Skippers (Subfamily Pyrginae)

Grass Skippers (Subfamily Hesperiinae)

Geometer Moths (Geometridae)

Tropical Ermine Moths (Attevidae)

Lappet Moths (Lasiocampidae)

Silk Moths (Bombycidae)

Pyralid Snout Moths (Pyralidae)

Prominent Moths (Notodontidae)

Cutworm Moths and Allies (Noctuidae)

Sphinx Moths (Sphingidae)

Fungus Moths, Clothes Moths, & Allies (Tineidae)

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